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SLAPPs on the agenda in Europe

On 9 June the EU Council of Ministers presented its common position on the EC proposal of an anti-SLAPP Directive, while on 29 June the European Parliament published its report and Resolution on this matter. After the voting of the EP’s position on 11 July the negotations (“trilogue”) between the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament can start in order to finalise the text of the anti-SLAPP Directive. On 21 June the Council of Europe published the draft recommendation on countering SLAPPs and announced the public consultation on the CM Recommendation (open until 2 August 2023). At a conference organised by the Council of Europe and the Georgian Democracy Initiative on 29 June in Tbilisi we presented and commented these initiatives and action by the EU and the Council of Europe. The Conference in Tbilisi resulted also in a joint statement against SLAPPs in Georgia: here.

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