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Sanchez v. France: Grand Chamber confirms decision that criminal conviction for hate speech does not violate Article 10 ECHR, Inforrm’s Blog, The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog, London, 29 June 2023 

Case law, Strasbourg, Halet v. Luxembourg, LuxLeaks, Grand Chamber strengthens whistleblower protection, Inforrm’s Blog, The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog, London, 15 March 2023 

The European Media Freedom Act and the protection of journalistic sources: still some way to go, Inforrm’s Blog, The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog, 18 November 2022

Case Law, EU: RT France v. Council: General Court finds ban on Russia Today not a violation of right to freedom of expression (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh), Inforrm’s Blog, The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog, 19 August 2022

Belgian news site acquitted for stalking and breach of privacy in SLAPP-case, Leuven Public Law Blog, 22 June 2022, and European Federation of Journalists, 22 June 2022

EU silences Russian state media: a step in the wrong direction, Inforrm’s Blog, The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog, 8 May 2022, and Columbia University Global Freedom of Expression / Publications, 9 May 2022

OOO Memo v. Russia: ECtHR prevents defamation claims by executive bodies, Strasbourg Observers Blog 1 April 2022

Anti-SLAPP: Professor goes free after vexatious and frivolous suit,
Inforrms Blog – The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog 4 January 2022, and Global Freedom of Expression, Columbia University 6 January 2022

Case Law, Strasbourg: Big Brother Watch v United Kingdom, Bulk interception regime violated Articles 8 and 10, Inforrms Blog – The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog 9 June 2021

Yes, Prime Minister (bis): prosecution for satirical collage criticising Turkish prime minister’s foreign policy violated artist’s freedom of expression (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh), Strasbourg Observers Blog 19 March 2021

Insulting accusation of domestic violence , Strasbourg Observer Blog 5 January 2021 (with Inger Høedt-Rasmussen)

An EU Anti-SLAPP Directive: A Proposal, Global Freedom of Expression Blog, Columbia University, 2 December 2020

Defamation proceedings against Romanian MEP over anti-corruption comments violated Article 10, Strasbourg Observers Blog 11 August 2020 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

Refusal to give access to ‘confidential’ information about politicians violated NGO’s Article 10 rights, Strasbourg Observers Blog 27 April 2020 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

The Court’s subtle approach of online media platforms’ liability for user-generated content since the ‘Delfi Oracle’, Strasbourg Observers Blog 10 April 2020

Journalist and editor’s conviction for incitement to religious hatred violated Article 10, Strasbourg Observers Blog 19 December 2019 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

Denying journalist access to asylum-seeker ‘reception centre’ in Hungary violated Article 10 ECHR, Strasbourg Observers Blog 4 November 2019 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

ECtHR engages in dangerous “triple pirouette” to find criminal prosecution for media coverage of PKK statements did not violate Article 10, Strasbourg Observers Blog 14 October 2019 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

Kablis v. Russia: prior restraint of online campaigning for a peaceful, but unauthorised demonstration violated Article 10 ECHR, Strasbourg Observers Blog 17 May 2019 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

Activist’s conviction for hooliganism over “obscene” protest violated Article 10 ECHR, Strasbourg Observers Blog 23 January 2019 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

Savva Terentyev v. Russia: criminal conviction for inciting hatred against the police violated a blogger’s freedom of expression, Strasbourg Observers Blog 9 October 2018

Pussy Riot, the right to protest and to criticize the President, and the Patriarch, Strasbourg Observers Blog 11 September 2018

No  overbroad suppression of extremist opinions and ‘hate speech’, Strasbourg Observers Blog 12 June 2018

Conviction for performance-art protest at war memorial did not violate Article 10,  Strasbourg Observers Blog 19 March 2018 (with Ronan Ó Fathaigh)

The rights of journalistic newsgathering during demonstrations, Strasbourg Observers Blog  6 March 2018 (with Daniel Simons)

Robust protection of journalistic sources remains a basic condition for press freedom, Strasbourg Observers Blog 10 October 2017

No journalism exception for massive exposure of personal taxation data, Strasbourg Observers Blog 7 July 2017

Pihl v. Sweden: non-profit operator of website is not liable for defamatory users’ comments in case of prompt removal upon notice, Strasbourg Observers Blog 20 March 2017

European Court upholds criminal conviction for purchasing illegal firearm as a form of ‘check it out’ journalism in Salihu ao v. Sweden, Strasbourg Observers Blog 29 June 2016 (with Daniel Simons)

The Grand Chamber strikes again: Bédat v. Switzerland. Criminal conviction of journalist for having published documents covered by investigative secrecy in a criminal case is no violation of Article 10 ECHR, ECHR Blog 7 April 2016

ECtHR confirms and tempers Delfi judgment: operators of Internet portals not liable for dissemination of offending – but not “clearly unlawful” – user comments, ECHR Blog 15 February 2016 (with Eva Lievens)

Grand Chamber challenges male-oriented view on keeping silence over mistress and lovechild in pivotal privacy case, Strasbourg Observers Blog 12 November 2015.

Journalist must comply with police order to disperse while covering demonstration, Strasbourg Observers Blog 26 October 2015

Criminal conviction for denying the Armenian genocide in breach with freedom of expression, Grand Chamber confirms, Strasbourg Observers Blog 19 October 2015

Delfi AS v. Estonia: Grand Chamber confirms liability of online news portal for offensive comments posted by its readers, Strasbourg Observers Blog 18 June 2015

A great victory for the whole legal profession”, Strasbourg Observers Blog 6 May 2015 (with Inger Høedt-Rasmussen)

Whistleblower protection for journalist who alarmed public opinion about censorship on TV, Strasbourg Observers Blog 25 November 2014

Finnish journalist’s arrest, detention, prosecution and conviction for disobeying a police order during a demonstration does not violate Article 10, Strasbourg Observers Blog 24 March 2014

Qualification of news portal as publisher of users’ comment may have far-reaching consequences for online freedom of expression- Delfi AS v. Estonia, Strasbourg Observers Blog 25 October 2013

ECtHR: Copyright vs. Freedom of Expression II (The Pirate Bay), Kluwer Copyright Blog 20 March 2013 (with Inger Høedt-Rasmussen)

Copyright vs. Freedom of Expression, ECHR Blog 22 January 2013 (with Inger Høedt-Rasmussen)