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JUFREX 2 in action

The JUFREX 2 programme, in which we both participate in the pool of experts, is now in full development (link). The new programme aims at promoting in South-East Europe freedom of expression and freedom of the media in line with Council of Europe’s standards. JUFREX 2 follows up on the results achieved in JUFREX 1 in its three components: support to legal professionals, media regulatory authorities and media actors. Some local seminars take place with physical presence of local trainers and trainees with online assistance by international experts (as recently in Sarajevo, 17-18 September 2020), other conferences are online, such as the Online Regional Conference for JUFREX certified trainers: Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers, including more than 60 trainers from the participating countries: Albania, North-Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo (Tirana, 8 October 2020). At this conference the new Council of Europe HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) course on Freedom of Expression and on Protection and Safety of Journalists will be presented (see link). For more JUFREX 2 events, see link.

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