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Academics for Peace

We participate in a coalition supporting a group of Turkish academics being victims of interferences with their academic freedom and right to freedom of expression. This ‘Coalition of Academic Interveners’ has submitted a third party intervention to the European Court of Human Rights in the so-called ‘Academics for Peace’ cases (Kamuran Akin v. Turkey and 42 other applications, applications nos. 72796/16, 72798/16, 72799/16 et al.). The joined cases concern a group of academics from different Turkish universities who on 11 January 2016 issued a statement entitled “We will not be a party to this crime”. The statement critically questioned the Turkish Government’s role in the conflict in South-East Turkey and the serious human rights violations in that region. In response the academics who signed the petition were subject to disciplinary, administrative and criminal proceedings across the country. Hundreds of academics, including the applicants in Kamurin Akin v. Turkey, were dismissed from their university positions through a series of emergency decrees. Before the European Court of Human Rights the applicants complain about a series of human rights violations, including a breach of their right to freedom of expression and academic freedom of speech under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (see also here and here and here).

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