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International Press Freedom Seminar at Ghent University

The 2nd International Press Freedom Seminar (27 November 2018) focussed on recent developments and challenges with regard protection of journalists’ sources and whistleblowers. Legal Human Academy delivered the introduction (key note) at the beginning (Dirk Voorhoof) and the conclusions (Inger Hoedt-Rasmussen) at the end of the seminar. A Belgian journalist and a member of the Flemish association of journalists (VVJ) formed a panel with international experts reflecting on current initiatives and practices regarding the protection of whistleblowers and journalists disclosing ‘leaked’ information. All members of the panel agreed on the importance of the EU proposal of a directive for the protection of whistleblowers. They also emphasized that there is still a long way to go for an enabling environment for whistleblowing and public interest disclosures by media and journalists.


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